Thursday, May 26, 2011

High EQ equals Higher Tips for Wait Staff

The Harvard Business Review had an interesting story today – a new study shows that waitresses who stand closer and relationship with their customers get bigger tips – more than 20% larger tips, to be exact!

Now this isn't really an earth-shattering finding – makes perfect sense – but still the proven statistics are interesting. Standing closer to your customers, smiling, introducing yourself – all of these are forms of a well developed Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and demonstrate an ability to create instant rapport with others.

Here's what Harvard shared today:

Waitresses can increase their tips 22.6% by standing
0.6 meters closer to patrons (0.15 meters away versus 0.75 meters), according to Celine Jacob and Nicolas Gueguen of the University of Southern Brittany in France. 

The researchers say close proximity is one of four nonverbal ways for waitresses to boost tips, the others being smiling broadly, touching customers briefly on the arm or shoulder, and squatting next to the table when introducing themselves.

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